Education & Technology | How AI Chatbots are transforming the Curriculum Strategies to improve the Performance of Students

Education & Technology | How AI Chatbots are transforming the Curriculum Strategies to improve the Performance of Students

What is Chatbot, What Chatbots can do for students, Provide Administrative Support, Send Reminders and Assistance, Act as Personal Tutors, Engage students, Jill Watson

Can you tell me which time you gonna have particular subject deadlines or mid-term exam dates?

Check the notice board of schools rather?

Nope, it’s a world's mediocre work to do in college!

It would be so much nice if we ping someone, and immediate answers pop up in seconds! Yes, it can be possible now by the chatbots.

The technology is evolving in the education sector, it is elaborating its gates in teaching sector by the inventions of Chatbots, white spacing the derogatory methods of teachings from an 'Chalk & duster' to Interactive boards and doing the repetitive tasks such as checking assignments and tests with the chatbots. Further the gates are opening up for the other administrative tasks and personal tutoring which are further elaborated further:

What is Chatbot?

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence (AI) program that can simulate a conversation (or a chat) with a user in natural language through messaging applications.  

Chatbots for academics could be deployed over messaging apps like Facebook or WhatsApp or custom school applications or the school website. From there, they can be accessed by students, parents, teachers, and school staff for various reasons.

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What Chatbots can do for students?

Students have dozens of questions especially at a time of exams, deadlines of assignments, school guidelines, exam dates, etc.,  When a teacher has dozens of students to teach, it’s time-consuming to answer these same questions one by one.

Who’s teaching Economics 101?

What time does the chemistry class start?

Can I see the exercise from the math class?

How are history tests graded?

These all questions are difficult to be answered by one teacher, but here chatbots come to the rescue! Chatbots for education can be programmed by a school or an individual teacher by uploading material related to their course to answer questions. Chatbots can also send reminders when needed to help students keep up with their classes.

Provide Administrative Support :

Administrative support includes the College admissions and enrollment, Campus tours and events Student health Services, News about school operations, Information and availability of facilities, this all can be conveyed through one bot and available 24/7! For instance, questions like “Is the school closed tomorrow?” in cases a blizzard hits or some other cause can be quickly and effectively answered by a helpful bot.

Send Reminders and Assistance:

The chatbot doesn’t just have to be the recipient of questions, schools can use it to proactively send reminders, news, or messages.

Act as Personal Tutors:

AI chatbots for teaching can learn the different teaching styles and learning methods of students to use them according to students. This way bots can tailor the lessons to each students to help them learn more effectively. Chatbots for education can be used: In the Classrooms and Online Classrooms.

A great boon of chatbots is that they never get tired of explaining the doubts of students and making them understand the topic which they are unable to.  A chatbot tailors learning and lectures by analyzing each student’s needs and subjects or courses that give them the most trouble.

Engage students:

It is the bitter truth, but some parts of learning are boring and tidy. Regardless of the context, the act of reading and memorizing can sometimes lull even the most dedicated students. Also, modern students of every age are used to getting quick answers over a variety of mediums, including video and search engines.

Chatbots for education provide quick answers and can help to create more engaging studying experiences by using the decision trees to guide students within a series of questions and answers to understand each topic better. See, for example, the Quizbot named Frosty the Penguin, developed by a research team at Stanford that found this bot was more effective in helping students learn than flashcards

Examples of AI Chatbot as a Virtual Assistant:

Chatbot "Jill Watson" :

The Georgia Institute of Technology launched an virtual teaching assistant, Jill Watson, to offer individual attention to the scholars to keep solving their queries. This Virtual assistant is trained with an comprehensive database that is filled with learner's queries, introductory emails, and the appropriate replies from the educators. At the time of launching,  the accuracy of Watson’s answers was assessed by a human. Later, Watson began to auto-respond to the scholars’ introductions and repetitive queries alone.  

The professor built this chatbot to respond to the piles of questions coming from different countries because online class had 400 students based all over the world and students viewed his class videos at different times and has 10,000 questions over the course of a semester.

"We were going nuts trying to answer all these questions," he says.

And there was another problem. He was worried that online students were losing interest over the course of the term. It occurred to him that perhaps what he needed was an artificially intelligent teaching assistant. Using AI to Maximize Efficiency, Improve Quality of Classes and solve the problem of getting the hassle of replying to everyone in-person.

In Conclusion,

The AI chatbots are reforming the education sector with chatbots and it is working wonders if it would implemented in every education schools and colleges. Talking about the integrity and risk of jobs for personal tutors, it is opposite of that, cause it would be the assistant not a teacher!

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