Education & Technology | How flipside of technology on education and how it is disabling the Social skills

Education & Technology | How flipside of technology on education and how it is disabling the Social skills

Worsening your body muscles, Strains your eyes, Lack of Communication, Segregation from Extracurricular activities, Isolated from the community, Lack the precious little joys

As we know that, as technology is emerging at a cutting-edge speed and we are running towards gaining, learning, and enriching knowledge, just pause and think about what we are lacking most in this generation




This all precious & precarious little thing we need to drive to live our life!

But talking about education, we are shifting from traditional education to the latest high-tech education where innovative technology is established but all things have both sides and Online education to have it!

Sitting in a four-wall room and constantly popping at the laptop and sitting alone, with lots of books at your table, and for hours you study without any interaction.,

This is the situation of exam days but now, all are leaning towards attending classes online regularly!

In the Covid-19 pandemic, all the students in the world got the online classes without going to schools and colleges, sitting at home. The feedback was a mixture of good and bad, for some it was a boon & for some, it was a nightmare!

While here we will discuss the disadvantages of Online Classes.,

Worsening your body muscles:

I have experience of both Online & Offline education., and frankly saying, constant screen time rots you up! 6 to 7 hours of online classes will make you tidy and make ruins your body posture. You will take an online class in the bedroom, hall, or on the sofa, sleeping or sitting, deteriorating your body muscles. Hunching over a computer for an unnecessarily long period of time puts pressure on the cervical and thoracic spine protracts the shoulders forward and places the head further away from the center of your body, reducing its support.

Strains your eyes:

When you work at a computer, your eyes have to focus and refocus all the time. They move back and forth as you read. You may have to look down at papers and then back up to type. Your eyes react to images constantly moving and changing, shifting focus, sending rapidly varying images to the brain. All these jobs require a lot of effort from your eye muscles. According to the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, a person blinks up to 66 percent less frequently while using a computer. Blinking is important because it helps spread hydrating substances like tears and mucus across your eyes. If you’re blinking less, the tears on your eyes have more time to evaporate, resulting in red and dry eyes.

Lack of Communication:

Sitting alone in a room studying, and attending the lecture is no fun for sure! Technology has already made us half zombies walloping our heads in mobile phones all time while chatting or surfing social media, now this online education is aggravating more and more in younger Millennials. We  have to forget the modes of personal communication, making us less polite, understanding, and gentle.

Segregation from Extracurricular activities:

In Schools, we make a group for the project or some extracurricular activities, or playing games, these things keep us energized and joyed while studying, but sitting at home studying, make a child Mediocre!

Isolated from the community:

The things we learn from the group of people, sometimes we cannot learn from surfing on the computer or reading books, it comes naturally from the vibes, energy, and knowledge of great people around us, For example, the teacher can be a mentor to you for life, because they support & guide you in every step of career.

Lack the precious little joys:

College and schools days are more than assignments, attending classes, and passing the exams, it is the tiny happiness in bunking and sleeping in class, making friends which would be lifelong ones, and making wrong choices like fighting, misbehaving with the teacher, or failing the exams, this all things shape you and mold your creativity and practical knowledge.

In Conclusion,

As the world is coming closer and closer with the Internet, people are becoming more and more secluded from each other, it is important to introduce the methods which would Human relationships more healthy and respectable and connect us more socially not in mobiles but in real world!

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