Going to Ivy League Schools & holding an Ivy league degree is not prominent to become Successful

Going to Ivy League Schools & holding an Ivy league degree is not prominent to become Successful

There is no just Black & White, There is no specific answer for anything, A different approach in Decision-making, What you learn serves you, Example of Non-tech field Successful Career

When technology is booming today tremendously and the notion of having high paycheck than others, is deteriorating the values other degrees hold. Then also technology sector is proliferating the escalation of enrollments in majoring in science & technology, engineering, and mathematics. But many established technology giants still perceive that employees trained in arts and liberals & commerce add value to their Companies. Steve Jobs stated that technology is brilliant on its own side but to be 100% complete, it needs artistry skills to create something unique!

Talking about general people who live in the middle-class families and want to uplift their status, most of the parents enroll their children in science fields unknown the fact that they are brilliant and born talent in arts and commerce, and in future, that child enroll in science field learning that thing which he is not interested and get failed or average his whole life!

Good Education is important but forcing to have a trendy field is nonsense! Every student has the different talent to innovate and be an expert at it.

Providing opportunities is a different thing, but having a notion to be enrolled in Ivy League schools and college to be successful is Stupidity! Every child has a different speed and maturity level.

There is no just Black & White:

The non-tech fields such as humanities and arts give the edge to tech & management companies because the arts field students are trained to thrive towards subjectivity and uncertainty to surmise things in all the shades whereas, in the corporate and technological world, things are seen as a black and white.

Steve Yi, CEO of web advertising platform MediaAlpha, has a degree in East Asian Studies at Harvard and in college, he studied literature and economics. Having a mixed degree helped him viewing our organization and marketplace from a different point of view which help him to synthesize these perspectives to decide where he needs to go as a company.

In the agility environment of the technology, there is no specific type of answer when you make decisions for a company. There are just distinctive shades and amount of percentage of how correct you are!

There is no specific answer for anything:

Cloud backup service vice president "Carbonite", has pursued a degree in philosophy which sets her apart from the technical colleagues. She states that the academic background hers provides her an edge at a company where a technical person can think in only 1's and 0's but there are ample sides to one solution.

“That makes me a very unusual member of the team. I always consider a plethora of different options and outcomes in every situation.”

A different approach in Decision-making:

The arts and humanities are the studies where they bring a different & "out of the box" perspective in the decision-making of the workplace such as the impact a company should have on an industry. Successful CEOs dedicate their whole life to their business. Their impact on the companies is measured in years, and are committed to enlarging their company to create a lasting value in a difficult time. And all these loops of struggles go beyond the grains of choosing technology or business where Entrepreneurs are bound to take a risk.

What you learn serves you:

Faith is very important when you going for something, so it’s important to choose a career that you love even though others consider that worthless. But it is important too to learn other skills to broaden your area of expertise, it is not important that you are an artist, chef and cannot learn marketing strategies to showcase your work to the world.

Youtube CEO Susan Wojcicki :

Susan Wojcicki is CEO of the behemoth video-sharing platform-YOUTUBE, and digging her educational experiences, it is shocking!

Susan Wojcicki pursued her career selling spices ropes door-to-door at age of 11, after that she started writing for a school newspaper while studying in the humanities in college. At Harvard, she graduated in history and literature with honors with a Ph.D. in economics. After that, she started working in a marketing role. At that time, her friend introduced her to google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. After that, she became Google’s 16th employee and marketing manager. She oversaw the competitor of Google and suggested purchasing it and after that, she became the CEO OF THE YOUTUBE!